Monday, December 08, 2014

Letter to Lucia: 61 Months

Little Lulu,

Magic. That's the only way I can describe the age of five. You turned five, and something just seemed to click--and you're off, into real-kid world. You're so curious, learning so much, doing so many things, capable of so much. Seeking independence, relishing it. Taking pride in the new skills you're learning--putting on and zipping up your coat; writing the letters of the alphabet; honing your skills with scissors, stencilling, tracing. You and Greta are still best friends and constant playmates; but you take care of her, too, and take pride in helping her do things.

Greta looks up to you so much. You're a star to her. But I do see you two as further apart right now than you've been so far--not in your relationship, but in your "life stage." You're invested fully in school, having drop-off playdates and birthday parties; capable of working on crafts and art projects on a totally different level than Greta. It's a tricky balance for me right now, making sure you get to do all the things you're ready for while not making Greta feel frustrated or left out.

You love school. So much. Your class, teachers, and school itself have definitely been a huge part of all the massive changes you've undergone in the past few months. You're sad when the weekend comes; you just want to go to school. Besides all the great stuff you're learning, this is what I'm most grateful for: that you've developed this excitement about going to school, about learning. We can't ask for more than that.

Favorite toys/activities: Frozen (with renewed intensity), My Little Pony (ponies and show), Strawberry Shortcake (dolls and show), crafts, drawing/coloring, Playmobil, wearing your Elsa dress, blocks, riding your scooter in the basement

Favorite books: various Christmas books, Cat's Colours, Rainbow Fish to the Rescue

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