Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Greta, a Monologue

Greta, at three, talks pretty much nonstop from the minute she wakes up until her little eyes close at night. She does not have to be talking to one of us; she talks to herself, to her toys, to her feet. She often "finds" imaginary tiny animals (monkeys, dolphins, foxes) and scoops them up into her hands, gently, talking to them before "releasing" them. Here is a brief sample of Greta's stream-of-consciousness from lunch today, with a representative amount of whining:

"Mmm. Carrots. I love carrots! I don't want any caaarrrrooots. Put them on yoooouuuur plaaaate. Not MY plaaatte!!! Yoooooour plate. Look at me. Look at this. [takes a bite of string cheese]. I take a bite. Look at my trick. Mama, watch me do my trick. [leans over in her chair, lifts a leg into the air] That's my trick. I might fall off my chair. My knee hurts. My finger hurts. My cheek hurts. [laughs hysterically] My cheek hurts--that's silly. Noooooo!! I don't wwaaaant aaaany milk! [milk goes back into fridge] Nooooo! I waaaant myyyy miiiilk! Can I be done? Can I go play? [spills a drop of water on herself, begins fake-crying] I waaaaant Biiiiiibiiiiiii.....I waaaaaant my Biiiiiibiiiiii....Oh! [sees she's holding her Bibi already] There he is! I was holding him in my hand."

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