Monday, December 08, 2014

Letter to Greta: 37 Months

Baby Grets,

Oh, how cute you are right now. I'd forgotten how adorable, how breath-takingly charming, a three-year-old can be. With your unruly hair, tiny bare feet, cheeks still poofy with baby fat, you are still such a little baby, and it's lucky for all of us that you like to be cuddled, because it's hard not to want to snuggle up with you at any opportunity.

Of course, every precious, snuggly moment has its twin moment of frustrating independence-asserting; and your new fondness for escalating things to hysteria at every opportunity. You're full of drama, Little Miss. You don't feel things halfway. A casual request ("I want my water") met with a perfectly reasonable denial ("Your water bottle is three flights up; let's get it after we're done eating") becomes, instantly, a hysterical demand ("I WANT MY WATER RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWW"!!!!). It's powerful. No one wants a tantrumming Greta. You also know the power of tears, and turn them on at the drop of a hat. When tears aren't warranted, you still try your best, scrunching up your face and squeezing your eyes shut, trying to force them out. Sometimes you even announce, "I'm trying to cry." You know perfectly well what you're doing. And it's maddening, and hilarious, all at once.

You love to play, and you and Lucia have your own world of imagination and activity now, with me more as overseer and occasional referee. When Lucia's at school, you're a willing partner for errands; at home, you play by yourself (with me nearby) absolutely contently. You relish your time at home without your sister, able to play with whatever you want to, without Lucia's bossy direction; but you're most happy when she's back, and you can be in your sister-world together once again.

You have an entourage of security objects that you seem to be getting more attached to now that you're three: your Bibi, Wee (Lambie), water bottle, and pa (pacifier). Bi Wee is usually referred to as one object. And I know I need to take away the pacifier; I know that; but you use it only at naptime and bedtime, and I can't bring myself to actively disrupt the smooth routine of nap and sleep we've established.

You nap during the week from 2pm till 3:30pm. On weekends, it's usually 1pm till 3 or even 4. You go to bed by 7:30pm and sleep till 7 or 7:15am.

You are a loved, loving Little Missy Miss. I'm always so happy to see you in the morning; and so relieved--lovingly relieved! lovingly!--when you go to bed at night. Three!

Favorite toys/activities: My Little Pony (ponies and show), Strawberry Shortcake (dolls and show), Frozen (renewed passion), Playmobil animals and foods, crafts, coloring, stickers, dress-up.

Favorite books: Gingerbread Baby, various Christmas books.

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