Sunday, September 11, 2016

One Week Down

We made it through the first week of the school year. Lucia has settled into first grade with nary a blip. She seems very happy. She was also very happy for the weekend, when she and Greta could just stay home and play. All weekend they played with Shopkins, ponies, and Magna Tiles. Lucia also requested we do a craft: she wanted to make homes for her toys. So we made a few box-homes with wallpaper and carpet scraps.

We did have some disruption on Saturday because we're doing a facelift of our bedroom, and the workers were in our house all day replacing the windows in our bedroom and my office. Tomorrow, they'll paint. We're trying to find wallpaper for one wall of the bedroom but have so far failed to find anything we like. This is proving to be difficult. But the new windows look amazing.

Today I went to yoga and then we just stayed home and relaxed. Andrew made fried chicken for dinner--our summer favorite, made in a cast-iron skillet on the grill. We're gearing up for Greta's first day of pre-K tomorrow. It's impossible to predict how it will go. Sometimes she seems excited about starting pre-K; sometimes (today) she says she just wants to stay home with me. It may be a rough beginning...or it may not be. She's becoming more predictable, but school is big, and it's a big change from the summer.

To her credit, she had her first swimming lesson of the fall on Thursday, with new teachers, and she did great--whereas in the past, I had to resort to Shopkins bribery to get her to have a good lesson. And on Saturday, she had her first gymnastics class of the season--again, a new teacher, and a chaotic crowd of kids. But she went right in and did a great job. So, progress. Five years old was a real turning point with Lucia, so maybe we're getting there.

I'll be heading out of town this coming weekend for Aunt Joanne's funeral--a sadly sudden loss. I haven't talked to L&G about it yet, though Greta was home on Friday when I got the news and hugged me when she saw I was crying. She also kept asking who died, who died, and a little wash of fear went over her face when I said it was my aunt--she thought I was talking about Aunt Molly. The "aunts" in her world are Molly and Katherine. So many scary ways for kids to try to make sense of overheard adult conversations.

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