Sunday, September 04, 2016

Summer Day 9/4: Storm King

We continued our Ocean City makeup weekend by taking a day trip today to Storm King Art Center, something I've been wanting to do for ages. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes away, an easy drive, and so worth it. We had a great time. Storm King is a sprawling sculpture park, 500 acres, with gigantic sculptures by Calder, Serra, Maya Lin, and many many more. It's a beautiful place, and walking through the enormous fields, with sculptures towering overhead, was stunning. We'd brought lunch and had a picnic under some trees. L&G had a lot of fun too, not least because I'd let them each bring a small purse with four ponies. The ponies came out to play whenever we stopped to take a break.

A highlight for all of us was Maya Lin's Storm King Wavefield. We climbed along and over and down the grassy waves, feeling much higher up than we actually were.

We walked around for well over two hours and had just hopped on a tram to head toward the parking area when Lucia said, "I can't find Rainbow Dash." One of the ponies was missing. We'd made our way around a good bit of the 500 acres. There was a long moment of horrified silence. We got off the tram near where we'd come into the park, and discussed what to do. There was no way to retrace our steps; but Andrew had a suspicion that we'd find Rainbow Dash where we'd stopped for lunch. So he and Lucia went on a hunt while Greta and I hung out near the museum building.

Lo and behold, Rainbow Dash was found. Lucia decided Rainbow Dash's punishment would be not getting to join us when we stopped for ice cream on the way home.

This was a super-fun trip--definitely a place to return to, maybe in the fall. What a lovely way to finish off the summer.

Walking through the South Fields

A sculpture in the South Fields

Walking on the Wavefield

On the Wavefield

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