Sunday, September 04, 2016

Summer Days 8/30-9/2

Tues. 8/30 & Wed. 8/31

These days have kind of blurred together. There was more swimming at the pool on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the girls and I went to the zoo for our final trip of the summer. We had a lot of fun doing all our favorite zoo things--riding the zoo train, feeding birds in the aviary, riding the carousel. I definitely felt some end-of-summer melancholy.

We went swimming later on Wednesday afternoon. However, an hour into swimming, Lucia began complaining that her ear hurt--we headed home, and her pain quickly escalated until she was sobbing. Fortunately, it was walk-in hours for our pediatric practice, so after changing out of our swimsuits we rushed over for a checkup. It turned out to be nothing--just a tiny inflammation that a dose of Motrin seemed to take care of. Poor Lucia, though--she's not a complainer, so I really thought this was going to be a raging ear infection.

Thurs. 9/1

Thursday we had a regular day at home. We also went to Target, and I let L&G buy their final reading prize--a pack of Happy Places Shopkins. Greta chose the Bathing Bunny set, which has a miniscule toothbrush that she's been coveting. "The toothbrush wants to be with me," she said earlier in the week. Lucia chose Kitty Kitchen. They played with Shopkins and ponies for most of the remainder of the day.

I also dragged them to the mall on Thursday afternoon. The goal was new sneakers for L&G--I'd dismissed the idea as unnecessary until, in my back-to-school-preparation frenzy, I realized their sneakers are a mess and they can't possibly wear them for another school year. So, off we went to the Short Hills Mall, where we didn't find sneakers but DID find some cute sparkly light-up fun shoes that were on sale at Nordstrom. So they each got a pair of those.

The way I manage my back-to-school anxiety is to spend money, apparently, and along with Target and the Short Hills Mall I also placed a large order from Carter's for pj's, and Zappo's for the tennis shoes I failed to find at the mall.

Fri. 9/2

We were supposed to leave for Ocean City on Friday for our long-planned finale trip of the summer. We went over Labor Day last year and had so much fun we'd decided to do the trip again this year. Alas, Hurricane Hermine's imminent arrival convinced Andrew we should cancel. I pressed to still go, but as he read the increasingly dire weather advisories to me, it was clear we probably shouldn't go. Sigh. We were very very disappointed. L&G were unaffected--happy, in fact, to be able to just stay home and play. Which we did.

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