Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer: Sat., 6/24 and Sun., 6/25

Saturday 6/24

Busy fun day. Started off with an annual book sale I always look forward to--got a nice pile of books for the kids and two games. Nothing for myself--my TBR stack is robust enough as is.

Next--Andrew and I got the house/yard ready for summer. We cleaned the porch (no small feat, with all the pollen around here), hung the porch curtains, and washed the porch furniture. It's so beautiful now. Then we tidied up the rest of the yard in preparation for having some neighbors over.

The kids played outside and in the basement. Mid-afternoon, we went to the pool. Andrew only gets to go with us a couple of times each summer, and the girls are always excited to swim with Daddy.

We had a big group of neighbors over tonight to have drinks around the firepit. A lovely evening all around.

Sunday 6/25

L&G slept till 8:45 this morning. They were up late last night, watching our party from the upstairs windows.

Though I didn't feel like it, I dragged myself to yoga at 9:30am, and I'm glad I did. Most of the rest of the day was spent just hanging out outside. I took a carload of donations to Morrow for their rummage sale (our fourth carload!). The girls played with all manner of things outside and in the basement--truly, I didn't see or hear from them for much of the afternoon. I took them to Michael's and Big Lots later in the day so we could buy some fairy garden items, which were on sale--that's one of our projects for the week. Andrew filled large pots with dirt, and the girls chose places in the yard where their gardens will live. (I won't tell Andrew how much I spent on fairy garden paraphrenelia. Some things are best kept secret in a marriage.) We'll begin the gardens tomorrow. I'm making one, too, and am just as excited about it as the kids are.

Then dinner, cleanup, bedtime.

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