Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer: Tues., 6/27

Another full day. We devoted much of the morning to making dream catchers, which L&G loved. I showed them how to loop on the yarn and they did the whole thing themselves. A super successful craft project.

The rest of the morning was spent reading together and coloring. Then we had lunch. Then we played Hoot Owl Hoot.

In the afternoon, both girls had a friend over to play for a couple of hours.

At five, we went to the pool to have dinner, and then L&G swam for a while in nearly empty pools. We didn't leave till 6:30pm. That's a really nice time to be there--not crowded, not too sunny. Of course they each got a Push Pop.

On the way to the car, Greta found a penny on the ground. "A travel penny!!" she said excitedly. I'd never heard her use this term before, and when I looked at what she'd found, I saw that it was a five-cent Euro coin. How great is that phrase--a travel penny. It's the perfect description.

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