Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer: Wed. 6/28

Another fun day. We spent the morning at the zoo. Zoo train, saw a peacock, fed the birds, rode the carousel, saw some hyenas, lions, and giraffes. Greta was particularly enamored with the prairie dogs. Lucia worried for a while about what would happen if Roary happened to find himself in the hyenas' enclosure. (Roary was safe at home.) And about what would happen if the hyenas and lions got out. I said that was impossible, choosing not to share the many terrifying news stories of toddlers falling into various zoo enclosures, or the horrifying Disney World alligator tragedy.

Next up: a quick run to Target. I let L&G each buy a cool glitter ball from the dollar bins.

Lunch at home, some reading. L&G got caught up in playing and we didn't leave for the pool till almost 4pm. It wasn't a particularly hot day, but they swam happily for a while. Strawberry Push Pops were their choice today. They're obsessed.

They both hated the dinner I made (teriyaki chicken over brown rice) even though they loved it last time I made it. Sigh.

Greta has taken to concluding her random monologues with "PS." "And PS, Daddy, I'm not interested in sleeping." Lucia has become a night owl and didn't go to sleep last night until 10pm.

Today they were both intent on making birthday lists. Lucia quickly wrote out her massive list herself, while Greta of course needed help. She really hates not being able to read and write--she envies Lucia so much.

Finally catching up on some pics.

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