Monday, July 09, 2007

Another Day at the MDPOE

So, it was another day at the MDPOE. We tried to spend as little time here as possible. Fortunately, our housing situation seems to be looking up: we dropped off our applications for the studio in Citrus Heights, and we might be able to move in as soon as tomorrow or Tuesday. And we may be able to live there for as long as four days! (Seems incredible, but true, that we could very well be heading back East this weekend.)

A few bright spots of today: we discovered a Trader Joe's just across the street from our potential new apartment; and we stopped into a few stores today to get the lay of the land for our wedding registry, which we'll tackle this coming weekend. It's nice to fantasize about devilled egg plates and cheese boards and coffee makers--and having a home to go with them.

Andrew starts work tomorrow, which is exciting but also sad; since his classes ended in March, we've spent pretty much all day, every day, together, save for a few days when he was in Jacksonville and I was in Connellsville. It'll be strange spending the workday apart now. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with his new job! And let's all hope that tomorrow is indeed our last day at the MDPOE.

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