Saturday, July 07, 2007


Well, here we are in our new "home" away from home, a studio efficiency in Extended Stay America, a long-term-stay hotel. The ESA--or, as I prefer to call it, the MDPOE (Most Depressing Place On Earth)--is truly awful. We are, as I described yesterday, in a tiny hotel room that's called an efficiency because of its tiny kitchen. We're here for three nights, before we--hopefully--move into our new apartment. Outside our window are a parking lot and a freeway. However, we got a very cheap rate on Priceline, and it's close to Andrew's job, so we are accepting the trade-off.

Last night, we went to see a light movie to take our minds off all this, "License to Wed," which we thought we'd enjoy because it's about a wedding but which was awful. We were hungry afterwards, and the only place open was the In N' Out Burger, a fast-food restaurant. Immediately upon entering, Andrew and I both felt the hairs on the backs of our necks stand up--that sixth sense left over from living in NYC and Barcelona (real cities) that indicates that a place is one we'd best leave as soon as possible. We took our burgers to go and ate them, cold and soggy, back at the Hyatt. Today, we moved to the MDPOE, then went to the mall and had lunch in the food court. Then we went to the grocery store and bought sandwich fixings, paper plates, and plastic silverware (only one fork and one spoon were provided by the MDPOE), in an attempt to save a bit of money over the next couple of days. We're now back at the MDPOE, drinking beer and vacantly watching TV--there is nothing else to do. How did this become my life? And can I have my old one back, please?

As we ate our lunch from styrofoam containers today in the food court, Andrew observed that just three weeks ago we were sitting outside in Barcelona, eating huge pots of fresh mussels and drinking claras, on our way to the beach. We are both just dazed and horrified at what we've stumbled into. My fingers are crossed that Andrew adores his job on Monday--then at least we'll have a solid, good purpose for being here...It will make everything more palatable. So will unpacking my suitcases.


James said...

I hope you love it there. I imagine it is not the same as Spain. I miss Andrew. Move to Dayton, we have bookstores and places to eat and country music.

Barbra said...

Forget Dayton, move back to NYC...a real city!!!!