Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Phrase of the Day

OWKWS [OOK-wiss]: A phrase added to any run-of-the-mill statement of possibility that indicates that statement’s current impossibility. For example: “We can buy some serrated knives—owkws” or “We really need to buy a roll of paper towels—well, owkws” or “It’ll be great once we don’t have to sit on the floor anymore. We can get chairs owkws.”

Its translation, of course, is “once we know we’re staying,” and we’ve been saying it so much over the past week that I finally just abbreviated it. We have many, many things we would like to buy, including but not limited to serrated knives and internet access and a jar of salt and table and chairs, but it simply does not make sense to purchase these items until—yes—until we know we’re staying. And so our unfurnished, haphazard, chair-less state continues, broken up pleasantly by swims in our pool and our plans for our next weekend trip.

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Anonymous said...

What about inflatable furniture? I think they still sell it at Target or Walmart, and you could pack it up if need be for use in any temporary domicile in the future!