Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Looking Up

It's always this way, isn't it? With freelancing, I mean. There were a few weeks of nothing--finishing up one project, but nothing new coming in; and now, suddenly, I'm scrambling to organize myself enough to get started on several new things. It's the blessing and the curse of freelancing. But I've given up the temping idea (though they've bothered my references and perhaps will still manage to find me the *perfect* assignment) and have spent the past few days sending resumes out en masse for freelance work. Two good things have come through--both steady and well-paying. One of them is even interesting (and they contacted me even though I realized yesterday, to my horror, that there was a typo in my cover letter, which extolled my attention to detail. That's the problem with trying to work at Panera.)

Anyway. The other big news is that…we bought a table and chairs! It makes all the difference. It really does. And today we're getting internet service hooked up. We even bought a little desk lamp, some more kitchen things, and did a big grocery shop. It's almost like we're making a real home.

So it makes sense that today would be the day that Andrew has the phone call with the Spain/NYC company. They haven't called yet, and my stomach is in knots. They could say "Gracias but no gracias." They could say "When can you come to Spain?" They could say "Let's set a start date in September." We may be off-loading this weekend everything we just bought. Who knows?

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