Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This afternoon I bought Lucia a huge bag of kids’ books for $5—someone just doing a little house cleaning was off-loading them, and I snapped them up; about twenty books were in the bag. I plan to bring them up to NH this summer to cut down on the things we have to pack when we drive up. Anyway, I had some of them in the bottom of the stroller when we stopped at the playground at the way home to meet up with a friend. After playing for a while, Lucia wandered back to the stroller, where she spotted the books, pulled some out, and promptly sat down on the (damp, chilly) ground and began turning the pages. Ah, familiar territory, I could see her thinking.

Lucia’s new toy discovery is the pull-ability of a polar-bear backpack a friend brought her. She hasn’t quite gotten the idea of wearing it yet, but for the past couple of days she’s been enthralled with the realization that if she hooks one of the straps around her ankle, she can pull it around the room. This evening, as I prepared some soup before Andrew got home, she was very quiet in the living room; each time I glanced over, she was very seriously walking with the bear around her ankle, tugging it along. Clearly it’s honing some new skill for her.

Lucia has mastered the art of the bye-bye. “BYE BYEEE,” she says, waving. “BYE BYEEE.” Bidding Andrew goodbye in the morning has gotten to be a prolonged process, with Lucia standing at the apartment door, BYE-BYEEEing and waving as he walks down the hallway. Today she continued even after Andrew had left the building. Fortunately a neighbor walked down the stairs, and she was able to bid one more person a good day.

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