Saturday, April 09, 2011

Week Recap, with Pictures

We finally got a new camera, one we hope will keep up with fast-moving Lucia; so here’s a little recap of the last week or so, with some pictures.

While Andrew was in Mountain View last week, and Kris came to stay with us for a few days. We had lots of fun at the playground (on the days it didn’t rain) and having ice cream when Marion and Peter came for the day from Albany.

Thursday was cold and rainy, so I finally made Lucia a ball pit. She became hysterical as I blew up the pool, but quickly recovered and fully enjoyed herself. The ball pit lost its novelty by the next day, so we put it away for the next time we need a rainy-day diversion.

Today was a beautiful day. We went to the farmer’s market (little there but applies, potatoes, and leeks—ah, California, with your spring bounty in full bloom!), where Lucia had fun walking around, scavenging pieces of our bagel sandwiches, and barking at dogs. It was so nice out we didn’t even need coats when we went to the playground afterward. And we found some great free stuff on stoops on our walk home—a Marilynne Robinson novel, a bird toy from Amsterdam, and a brand-new-shrinkwrapped-in-its-box Sears toy set from 1971. Thinking we’d struck mini-gold, we hopefully Googled it, but found only one for sale—for $6.00. Guess we can safely open it.

And here are a few miscellaneous pictures. Enjoy.

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