Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning, some friends and I got together for an impromptu Easter egg hunt for our toddlers. I have to admit I was filled with some degree of anxiety over this. Cute as the idea sounded, I worried that Lucia would be left behind by aggressively egg-searching little ones and fail to find any eggs. I needn’t have worried. All the toddlers took a lackadaisical approach to the hunt, wandering here and there. It took Lucia little while to understand the point wasn’t to find an egg and then sit down to play with it, but she soon got the idea, spotting and pursuing eggs with enthusiasm and dropping them into her little corduroy bag. A mom much more together than I am (I, who bought a bag of plastic eggs on the way to the park) had even filled some eggs with chocolate eggs and stickers. The hunt was a hit for Lucia, who left the park with stickers on her hands, holding eggs in her lap.

I have no pictures of the egg hunt. But here are a few from Mom’s visit over the past few days.

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