Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Cuteness Report

On Monday, Lucia suddenly began saying “Hi.” We were in an elevator with a mirrored wall, and Andrew was holding Lucia. She looked at her reflection and, out of the blue, grinned her toothy, wrinkled-eye grin and said, “Hi! Hi! Hi!” She is thrilled with this new word and uses it often. She greets me periodically throughout the day. When she’s in her stroller, she twists so she can look up at me through the “sunroof” and says “Hi! Hi!” She says it to children at the playground. She says it to people we pass on the street. This morning I heard her saying it in her crib when she woke up. It is exceptionally cute.

Lucia had a wonderful time today in Music Together. She was very focused on the various instruments (sticks, resonator bell, a variety of “kitchen instruments”) and enjoyed the dance portion of the class. I was holding her as we danced, and she suddenly squirmed to be let down; I put her down, she looked up at me with a small, mischievous smile, and she then spun around two times, quite pleased with herself. And at the end of the class she went up and shyly touched the teacher’s guitar (which he always invites the kids to do, and which Lucia never does) and then ran back and threw herself into my lap, smiling.

Lucia’s love of animals is growing more and more maniacal. When she sees a dog on the street now, she not only points at it excitedly and blows multiple kisses—she sometimes screams at the top of her lungs in excitement. The other day she was standing at the front window, and a neighbor’s cat leapt onto our stoop. The cat saw Lucia watching it, and so it then jumped right onto our windowsill. Lucia went bananas, screaming and pointing and blowing kisses. It may have been the highlight of her little life.

Silly Baby has been making regular appearances in our house starting around 6pm each night. Squealing, hysterical laughter at any provocation, lots of running (well, hurrying) back and forth across the living room. It sometimes escalates even after bath when we’re putting on her diaper and sleeper, instigated by Andrew, who does silly things to make her laugh. Of course, at this point her laughter is coupled with the frustration that comes from being forced to be diapered and dressed, so it usually devolves into a brief spell of crying before she finally has her bottle and collapses in bed.

Lucia has realized she can grip things between her chin and chest. Yesterday she stuck a raisin there, which then got stuck to her neck. Charming.

Whenever I ask Lucia if she’d like some bunnies (Annie’s Organic bunny crackers), she wrinkles her nose and sniffs several times—her bunny sound—while making the “again/yes/give me/do it/sing/read” sign.

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