Friday, April 01, 2011

Down with Baths

Lucia has been a giddy bundle of baby happiness for the past several weeks, doing cute baby things, saying new words (both comprehensible and in-), playing joyfully with her toys. We’ve done some fun things lately, too. Tuesday we went to the New York Aquarium at Coney Island with friends, and Lucia had a splendid time. She hurried around, squealing and giggling, rushing up to the tanks, blowing kisses to walruses. She loved it. And I loved it too, both because aquariums are fun and because it was great to realize that the beach—a real beach!—is only half an hour away by subway. If winter ever ends, we will be able to enjoy it.

Andrew’s been in CA all week, but fortunately his mom arrived Wednesday to keep me and Lucia company. She was able to come to our Music Together class with us, which was fun; and it was sunny and nice enough Wednesday afternoon to go to the playground, where Lucia kept Granny on her toes with her determined attempts to steal another child’s large blue spiny ball. Once focused on this ball, she could not be deterred. I met a friend there and, while talking to her, could see Lucia stalking her prey out of the corner of my eye. Despite the difficulties with ball-thievery, Lucia seemed to love running around, such a change from a few weeks ago. Perhaps it’s the new shoes.

We went to the Brooklyn Museum yesterday afternoon, which actually went very well—Lucia seemed to enjoy herself (especially when snacking on cantaloupe, of course), and we managed to see quite a bit of the museum before Lucia started refusing to walk where we told her to (a problem when there are lots of do-not-touch things right at baby level).

She is still a sunny, happy baby, but for two things: she is getting her first incisor, and she has begun freaking out about her bath. This started Wednesday night and repeated itself last night. Lucia ordinarily LOVES bathtime, usually staying in so long she turns into a little prune. But on those two nights she became iron-boned baby as soon as we put her in the water, refusing to unlock her knees so we could sit her down and trying valiantly to climb out of the tub by swinging her dripping-wet babyleg over the edge again and again. Of course, bathtime ended in hysteria (Lucia’s) both nights. Tonight she didn’t cry, but she huddled in one corner with her back to us the whole time. Quite sad and a little alarming, as though she is being really traumatized. Kris and my theory is that she misses Andrew, since bathtime is Daddy-and-baby time. We’ll be able to test the theory when Andrew returns tomorrow.

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