Thursday, March 28, 2013

Letter to Lucia and Greta: 41 Months and 17 Months

Dear Girls,

Because of the craziness of our Mexico trip, I didn’t manage to write either of you your monthly letter, so I’m combining them this time. 


You are getting to be such a little kid these days—and it’s fun to plan activities for you, knowing you have the interest and attention span for them. You are just starting to show interest in your clothes; in Mexico, you often rejected the clothes I picked out for you and chose your own from your drawer. Sometimes you’d emerge after Quiet Time wearing three pairs of underwear and two pairs of pants. You have one or two favorite clothing items and show genuine sadness when I tell you they’re in the wash.

You have a few funny sayings right now. One is, “Daddy, I’m telling you a question.” Then you make some bossy demand, like, “Stop talking.” Another is, “All you need to do is…” and then you give some convoluted description of some activity. You also give a considered, scrunch-eyed “Well…” before answering any question.

Favorite toys/activities: Squinkies, tiny eraser foods, felt sandwich set, collecting things in bags/buckets, playground, hoarding things, dancing, pretending to be Cinderella (“[*gasp*] It’s midnight!” [runs off, leaves one of my shoes in the hallway])

Favorite books: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Bunny’s Easter Egg Surprise, Disney Princess books (which are truly and horrifyingly insipid, but addictive to a three-year-old)


You are exerting your will. And your will is strong. Fortunately you are also very cute, waving with both hands and saying “Bye! Bye!” to anyone and everyone, cuddling your animals, pointing and barking at all passing dogs (“Fuh! Fuh! Fuh!”). You are physically fearless and kept me running at the playground in Mexico, trying incessantly to scale ladders and steps and slides. You love to walk around outside, especially when you have time to explore at your leisure. Your eating was uncharacteristically atrocious in Mexico—you often refused meals—but seems back on track now that we’re home.

You adore Lucia, and whatever she’s doing is what you want to be doing too, even if you don’t fully understand the activity. Only when you’re sleepy do you let down your determined guard and allow your true babyness to come through once more.

Favorite toys/activities: Squinkies, putting go-fish cards in their box, digging with sticks, flipping through books, felt sandwich set, your rocking horse

Favorite books: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Bobbsey Twins Easter Egg Hunt, princess books, Elmo’s Book About Colors

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