Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mexico City, Day 14: Roma & Condesa

What a night. Greta woke up around 10:30pm and screamed hysterically until almost 2am. We'd never experienced anything like it. Shrill, hysterical screams. We had no idea what was wrong. She seemed gassy, so maybe that was it; but it seemed more like she was just in a rage, which she's been succumbing to more often lately. We had to take her into our room, lest she wake up Lucia. Our only thought, finally, was that she was hungry--so at 1:30am, she sat in bed with us with all the lights on, eating a banana and some animal crackers. She was happy as a clam. Each time she took an animal cracker from the bag, she made it walk a little in the air before she ate it. She'd turn to us and give us big grins, sometimes giggling like this was the greatest joke. After eating a handful of crackers, I put her in her crib and she fell asleep and slept until 9am. This was a night for the record books.

But because she did sleep so long, and since Lucia, too, slept until 8:15am, we decided to go ahead with our plans for the day: a taxi ride to the Roma neighborhood for a walk along Alvaro Olbregon, ending up in Condesa, a lovely neighborhood where we'd have lunch. Unlike last time, the taxi ride went smoothly: I gave Lucia a lollipop as soon as we got in, and she was quiet the whole way there, just asking now and then for some "cool air" from the AC. Greta fell asleep pretty quickly once we started walking, and we had a nice time just looking around and exploring a new part of the city.

Condesa was beautiful, full of parks and restaurants--it seemed almost Park Slope-y. We ran into a slight problem when we tried to find a place for lunch. Even though it was 12:30, lots of places weren't opening for lunch until 1:00pm. We finally found a French restaurant with a breakfast menu that looked good--no, perfect: they had pancakes. The girls devoured their pancakes and lots of fruit (papayas, watermelon, cantaloupe--we're throwing caution to the wind at the end of our trip). I had delicious enchiladas with salsa verde. Andrew, unfortunately, faced all-but-raw eggs. Always, one of us has some sort of raw-egg experience when we travel. He valiantly asked for some toast and persevered.

We had our taxi pick us up after lunch and returned home for some naptime/Quiet Time. The day was absolutely gorgeous, so we hustled everyone back outside after that, into Lincoln Park. Lucia had fun painting a picture, and then we went to the playground. We are really going to miss this park--and this weather.

This turned out to be a great day, but all of this activity definitely exhausts the girls. At the playground, Lucia even lay down on the slide for a second. It would be nice if such exhaustion translated into quick bedtimes and through-the-night sleeping; alas, this has not been the case.

Unbelievably, tomorrow's our last day here...

Walking in Roma:

Lunch in Condesa:

Andrew walked through a market near our apartment:

Painting in Lincoln Park:

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