Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mexico City, Day 10: Zoo & Sticks

Greta slept last night till 5:30am--and so did I! It's pretty sad that this is cause for celebration, but those six or so hours of sleep I got felt pretty exciting. Greta's obscenely early rising is particularly frustrating, however, because if we were at home, we could let her stir and fuss herself back to sleep--instead, here, we rush in to quiet her so she doesn't wake up Lucia, which just wakes Greta up more. Sigh.

The early morning notwithstanding, we had a fun day. I took the girls to the zoo again today in the Bosque de Chapultepec--I know a much better way to go now, so the walk was very reasonable. Both Lucia and Greta loved seeing the animals today--I took them only to the Tropical Animals section to see the large selection of monkeys, which is ideally arranged for Greta to see and enjoy too. Lucia likes the zoo and seeing the animals up close, but Greta absolutely goes crazy--she runs up to each enclosure, waving both hands above her head and screaming "Hi! Hi!!!!" She is just thrilled when the monkeys come up close. She would have easily stayed at the zoo for another half hour or more, but Lucia was ready to move on because I'd promised them time in the park.

I gave the girls new little bunny buckets on the way so they could do some collecting. Lucia was completely immersed in collecting sticks and creating a complex arrangement in her bucket. Greta, too, enjoyed collecting sticks, as well as digging in the dirt. It's so depressing that the weather back home is still firmly cold and terrible--being outside may seem like a strange reason to travel so far, but it has been absolutely wonderful to steal these couple of weeks from winter.

I've broken down and given the girls carrots (peeled and boiled), apples, and pears (all peeled). They've been devouring them as though they've never tasted fruits and veggies before. Aside from those, Greta is subsisting more or less on soft flour tortillas. Poor sore teething gums.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and I sort of feel like from tomorrow on, what remains of our trip is going to go very quickly. Time to soak up as much sun as we can.

At the zoo:

In the Bosque de Chapultepec, with new bunny buckets:

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