Monday, March 18, 2013

Mexico City, Day 9: Park

Andrew figured out the source of the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP: the Internet wi-fi router box thing that sits on top of a dividing wall in our interior courtyard. It provides wi-fi for several apartments. It started beeping at 11pm last night, and Andrew managed to climb to the top of the wall and saw a beeping, flashing light. He turned it off for the rest of the night. We feel a little guilty about this, but we really had no choice. That said, I still didn't sleep, and Greta was up for much of the night. Lucia, too, woke up. We just keep having these nights that are epically awful.

It's a wonder that today went as well as it did, with all of us sleep deprived. It was a holiday in Mexico, but Andrew still had to go in to work since some colleagues of his from the U.S. and Spain had arrived. But the streets were full of families out and about. I took the girls to the playground, but it was really crowded and sunny, so we played instead in a little green area within a sculpture garden section of the Lincoln Park. The girls had a great time, digging in the mud, climbing on a sculpture, finding leaves and sticks, feeding pigeons. It was really a lovely day, and being outside helped ease some of the zombie blur.

Greta is gnawing on everything in sight and eating sporadically, and several areas of her gums are pulpy where new teeth are coming in. We're armed with Motrin but who knows if she'll be able to settle tonight. Lucia sleeps through a remarkable amount of crying, but last night she was finally woken up; she complained that Greta wouldn't let her sleep and then said she wanted to go home because she missed her animals.

Tonight our timing was off, and Greta wasn't yet asleep when we put Lucia to bed. "Daddy," Lucia said indignantly after the second or third time we went in to rock Greta, "I can't go to sleep while Greta's still awake." A little while later, when I'd taken Greta into our bedroom to try to get her to sleep, Lucia stage-whispered, "Daddy. Daddy." When he went in to her room, she said accusingly, "Did you just have a snack? I heard you. What did you have?" Indeed, Andrew had eaten some of "her" cookies. He told her he'd eaten some crackers. And another night begins.

A sculpture in Lincoln Park:

Lucia in her element, mud:

Hello! I'm cute even though I was awake all night!

Scaling a sculpture:

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