Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mexico City, Day 4: Altitude Sickness

Today has been kind of a blur. Andrew and I are both feeling like we're operating behind a fog: we're dizzy and light-headed, and our ears are plugged and popping. We suspect we might have a touch of altitude sickness, though we need to do some Googling to tell for sure. Mexico City has an altitude of around 7,000 feet, and we've heard this isn't unusual.

So I kept us close to home today, with a couple of trips to the playground, some swimming late this afternoon, and that was pretty much it.

This is the first time I've really had the experience of chasing two kids at a playground--Greta learned to walk just before the weather turned cold, so this is her first true playground experience. It is not easy. Greta is curious and stubborn, and trying to turn her away from the steep stairs just makes her more determined to climb them. It doesn't help that this playground is enormous, with equipment of truly dizzying heights and, in places, bars spaced widely enough that Greta could all too easily slip through. So I can't just stand on the ground and kind of supervise from below. It's hands-on. Hands-on, with one eye on Lucia, running off somewhere else. Fortunately she's not the kind of kid to actually run too far. But it would be nice if the two of them could manage to be interested in the same thing at the same time. The best part of our playground trips is, for me, when they're both happily swinging.

It's funny how much of our life here is just like being at home--a fact of traveling with little kids, I think. We still have naptime and Quiet Time, we're cooking dinner, we're having our daily TV time (on the iPad, with downloaded episodes of a new favorite show, Sofia the First), we're stocking the fridge with staples. Andrew's around a lot, going out to meetings or having calls a couple of times a day but otherwise working from here while the girls and I are out.

Tonight I went to the grocery store seeking snacks for the girls--nary a Goldfish or Cheddar Bunny is to be found, of course, and I'm having trouble finding substitutes for our normal rotation. Raisins are sold only in a gigantic, restaurant-size box; Andrew got a bag of blueberry-flavored Craisins, which were immediately rejected by both girls. I bought some pretzels and some strawberry breakfast bars--funny the things I have to focus on instead of seeking out interesting new foods to try!

Let's hope Andrew and I snap out of our fog by tomorrow...

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