Monday, August 24, 2009

Foods Men Like

Trying to find a food the man in your life will love? Try this: Crack eggs into a bowl, mix them up, and pour them into a hot buttered pan as though you’re making an omelet. When the eggs are almost cooked, drop several tablespoonsful of jelly onto the eggs, and roll up the omelet. Voila—Jelly Omelet. Serve.

I don’t know about your man, but mine almost gagged when I read this recipe to him. It’s just one of several gems in the gem of a cookbook I found this weekend at the flea market, Foods Men Like. It’s a small Betty Crocker cookbook from 1970, and it provides one or two man-pleasing recipes for each letter of the alphabet. Besides the Jelly Omelet, it contains other apparently man-friendly foods like Apple Pie—Deep Dish Style (so much more manly than regular-style pie), Lobster and Steak Combo (very manly), Hungarian Goulash (huh?), and a refreshing Orange Swizzle drink (really?).

Of course, as one does with any A to Z collection, one turns immediately to see what the writers came up with for X and Z. Failing to muster any creativity whatsoever, here’s how the book concludes: “X, Y, and Z…What are these? Why, these are the ‘specials’ that you alone know.”

I’m not sure I’ll be turning to these recipes next time I’m searching for “foods men fancy,” but this little book was worth the $0 I paid for it. (I asked the seller to throw it in along with our purchase of a fantastic globe.)

Incidentally, because I am a good wife who loves her husband so very, very much, I made Andrew a batch of Buttery Fig Bars this weekend with fresh figs from our tree—even though I cannot have any fig bars myself. I’d feel like I was earning major wife points if Andrew weren’t already bending over backwards to ensure my comfort and happiness in my large pregnant state. It was really the least I could do in the rare moment when I wasn’t sitting on the couch, politely requesting him to do things for me. Perhaps Foods Men Like will come in handy after all: Andrew totally deserves some Kabobs of Lamb, Noodles Romanoff, Steak—A Barbeque Special, and Wiener Schnitzel.


RHK said...

So a football player, an astronaut, and a man with earmuffs on his forehead walk into a bar... (what the heck is the guy on the left supposed to be??)

Sounds like a fun book! You look great by the way. I just caught up on a month and half of blogs and it's been fun seeing all of the changes going on for you guys! - Rach

RHK said...

Whoops! I mean the guy on the right! I forgot to hold up my hands to see which on made the L (This is a useful trick you can teach your daughter soon!) :-)

Nate said...

(This is Beth).

So funny you should mention your interest in what the authors used for X and Z. Nate and I have a small fascination with that very thing regarding children's books. It has been destroyed since, but we bought H&E a "Things that Move" A to Z book and X was "x-car". We still don't know if there really is an "x-car" or if it's a huge cop-out assuming that kids won't know the difference!