Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Inspired, and Torturous

The good news from Friday’s battery of tests is that I don’t have gestational diabetes. The bad-ish news is that I do have pregnancy-related glucose intolerance, which means I have to monitor my diet and, I think, my blood sugar for the rest of the pregnancy. I’ll know more about what this all entails after I talk to a nutritionist on Thursday. The model diet they sent me seems to involve an ungodly amount of whole-wheat toast. I’m off to buy a new loaf now, having exhausted the remains of ours for breakfast and lunch.

What I do know for a fact is this: there are no more Tagalong Blizzards in my near future. If you’re lucky enough not to be temporarily glucose intolerant, please enjoy one, or many more than one, as I certainly would, before this inspired, limited-time-only Blizzard flavor disappears forever.

And oh, my goodness, I was just going to put in a link to information on DQ's Tagalong Blizzards, because I'm masochistic that way and also hungry, and on DQ's website I see they are now also offering Thin Mint Blizzards only for the month of August. I'm going to try not to imagine the cold mintiness coupled with the chocolately cookie crunch, but I certainly know what I'm going to be focusing on during the "final meditation" in yoga tonight.

I guess I'll go have my afternoon snack of toast. At least a peach is permitted as well.

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