Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We did it: this weekend, we bought baby things. With about nine weeks to go before my due date, we finally made some initial baby purchases, including a crib, crib mattress, changing table pad, and one picture frame. Andrew also assembled the changing table. So, progress.

The baby’s movements have morphed from forceful kicks to more languid, extravagant stretching and turning. She seems to want room to stretch out like a little cat; unfortunately, my uterus is only so big. Sometimes I can watch what appears to be her head move across my entire stomach as she eases into another relaxed position. Yesterday and today she seems set on settling on the left side of my belly, making me feel a bit lopsided. She should enjoy this while it lasts: in a few weeks she’ll need to settle into a nice head-down position.

Andrew and I are narrowing in on names. This weekend we each secretly wrote down our top four choices from our master list. We had one overlap, but there’s still room for negotiation. I’m confident we’ll have a name by the time she’s born.

I’ve found a solution to my ice-cream issue: Breyers CarbSmart Almond Bars. It’s an “ice cream bar,” in a way, with just 5g of carbs, made with Splenda. There’s nothing beneficial whatsoever about them health-wise, but at least I can have a little dessert now and then while staying within my Carb Limit. (If my logic on this is off, please don’t tell me.) “Maybe I’ll eat them too,” Andrew said doubtfully when we were in the grocery store. I assured him he did not have to. He made a full-fat, real-chocolate, decadent choice instead. I can’t blame him.

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