Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time for a Major To-Do List

There are about ten weeks to go in my pregnancy, which seems like not much time at all. Nonetheless, Andrew and I seem to me to be strangely unhurried about the preparations. We haven’t made even one baby-related purchase, with the exception of a bureau/changing table, which is still in its flat Ikea box, unassembled. Yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time selecting a few children’s books to buy from Barnes & Noble. It seemed important to choose just the right books, to formulate a book-buying strategy.

I suppose there’s no need to be urgent about it all, but it does seem like it’s time to start crossing things off our to-do list. Out of curiosity today, I went to The, which provides a thorough to-do list for pre-baby-arrival activities; I’d found the wedding checklist on its sister site, The Knot, useful during wedding-planning. This was the first time I’d looked at the pregnancy list. Apparently I have 47 things left to do. But these “to do” items aren’t really that useful—they include things like scheduling doctor’s appointments and so forth. Easy, obvious things. No, my own list is more involved and specific, including things like choosing each individual nursery item, figuring out some good reading material for myself during the long days of nursing, washing all the crib bedding, buying the stroller, etc. etc. etc. None of it is all that arduous—but it has to get done, and probably shouldn’t be left until the last weekend before my due date. Something basic like assembling the crib or bureau could take a whole evening.

I feel a master to-do list coming on, and a weekend of baby-related shopping.

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