Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Day 8/29

Back home. L&G seemed happy to be here and began playing with all their ponies and Shopkins in earnest the second they woke up.

Late in the morning, we went to the library and got out a zillion books--probably our last summer library trip. I've loved this part of our summer--our regular weekly library visit. In years past, it was difficult to take them to the library. For one thing, when we first moved here, when they were very very little, I stubbornly held onto the idea that I should walk to the library, which meant pushing two kids plus a bunch of books up the hill in a double stroller to get home on a blisteringly hot summer day. (What folly: this is why we have cars in suburbia.) Second, there were diaper changes to consider. And nursing. And then potty training. How, how, did I ever leave the house at all???? You couldn't pay me to go back to all that. Anyhoo, then there was a stage where one or both would throw some kind of fit in the library, or run wild. Sigh.

Finally, we're past all that. Our library trips have been so much fun. Both girls love picking out books and discovering new favorites. They liked doing the library's reading club this summer--adding stars to their mobile hanging from the ceiling of the children's room and getting small prizes for hours-read. Here are some of our favorite books and series of the summer:

Ivy and Bean (series)
Never Girls (series)
Critter Club (series)
Elephant and Piggie books
Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep (and other Mo Willems in this series)
The Apple Doll
Memoirs of a Hampster
Princess in Black (series)
Geronimo Stilton books (my least favorite--too cartoony for my taste)
And so many more.

Today, we read a few of our books on a bench outside the library, then went to the Able Baker for cupcakes. Then we went home, hung out for a bit, had a little quiet time, then went to the pool for a couple of hours. Both girls can now do forward and backward somersaults underwater.

All in all, a lovely end-of-summer day.

This pic is actually from Tuesday. But I uploaded it with the others so here it is.

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