Saturday, August 06, 2016

Summer Days 8/5 and 8/6

Friday's another one of those days that I remember little about, even though it was yesterday. I know the girls played a lot and made a gigantic mess of games and ponies and Shopkins. And Andrew and I got a babysitter in the evening and went out to dinner with friends. We also met with a contractor and then an architect about our basement renovation. It's moving ahead nicely.

Today the girls slept in till 8:30am. They played for a while and then Lucia had a birthday pool party to go to over lunchtime. While she was gone, Andrew, Greta, and I went to the basement to start a massive cleanout. Greta was immersed in playing with pony stuff while Andrew and I tackled the scary area behind the refrigerator, plus the root cellar. We threw away a lot and sold a lot. We packed up all the stuff we're keeping and moved it to the attic. We made great progress and kept working even after I picked up Lucia. L&G were in a mood of happy cooperative playing, and they basically were on their own the whole afternoon, playing as we cleaned. This was great, but also neglectful, because it occurred to us later that Greta never changed out of her pjs today and never had lunch. Ah well. She never made a peep--just played and played.

Our cleanout has not unearthed any large insects, but it has revealed some of our uglier hoarding tendencies. We got rid of so much stuff today that was actually garbage. Lids from takeout containers, old jars from nonperishable food products (not mason jars or anything like that), empty wine bottles. I admit, many of these things are things I'd saved over the past few years, fueled by Pinterest-inspired winter-day activity ideas, which I don't really need to rely on anymore now that the girls are old enough to entertain themselves. So, out it all goes.

Andrew, inspired, went to Home Depot and bought several large organizer bins to sort and store his nails and other tool items. We are a family of sorters. It's no wonder that the first thing Lucia does when she begins playing with Shopkins is sort them by food type.

Tomorrow, we're headed to the beach for a week. We're all excited!

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