Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Days 8/27-8/28: New Hampshire

Sat., 8/27

Since this was our last visit to NH this summer, we made our annual trip to the recycling center to deliver all the recycling we'd been saving up over the past few months. Of course we couldn't escape NH without an injury: Andrew cut his finger as he grabbed a bag of glass bottles. It looked terrible, but he didn't think it needed stitches, so we went on with our day.

Next we went to Walmart so L&G could pick out their reading rewards--Lucia's been doing daily reading practice plus journal entries, and though going to Walmart is never fun, the girls were so excited. Greta chose a blind bag pony--Sapphire Shores--and blind bag Happy Places Shopkins. Lucia chose a blind bag Happy Places Shopkins and a regular blind bag Shopkins. The Happy Places Shopkins are ridiculously cute--and tinier than anything else the girls have. That's saying a lot. Each set comes with two regular-size Shopkins plus a miniscule accessory: a Shopkins bank plus a miniscule Shopkins coin; a Shopkins egg cup plus a miniscule egg to go in it. Everything has a pet face.

We, Sapphire Shores, a variety of other ponies and Equestria Girls, and the miniscule Shopkins army next went to lunch at our favorite ice cream place, where we'd never before ordered anything but ice cream. We could barely get the girls to eat their grilled cheeses, so intently were they playing with their wonderland of toys on the picnic table. Then we all got sundaes for dessert.

We spent the rest of the day at home. Andrew and I tried to get L&G to swim in the pond, but all they wanted to do was play with their Shopkins. (Andrew took a swim; I went out in my raft.) We ate dinner outside and L&G played rambunctiously with the Cozy Coupe--they're too big to really get in it now but they've been playing on top of it, knocking it over while someone's inside, and scream-laughing maniacally.

Right before bedtime, Sapphire Shores went missing. Greta was unclear if she'd left it by the pond. Andrew went on a hunt and found it in the back of the Cozy Coupe.

After L&G went to bed, Andrew and I built a fire in the firepit and enjoyed our last summer evening in NH.

Sun., 8/28

Sigh. Last day of our last summer visit. We cleaned the house, did all the laundry, took a nature walk. Lucia was obsessed with playing Frisbee with Andrew. Greta is slowly learning how to properly throw a Frisbee as well. We ate dinner at the Pizza Chef and then got on the road. We were all sad, even though we'll be back in October. Ending our summer visits really feels like the end of summer itself.

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