Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Days 8/7-8/14

Beach week! We spent last week in North Myrtle Beach, all together in our cousin's beach condo: Andrew, the girls, and I, plus Molly, Luca, and Mom and Dad. None of us had been to North Myrtle before, and there was so much to do. We spent almost every morning at the beach, and then did some swimming in one of the condo's pools. We took a few excursions as well, and had some delicious restaurant meals. Here are a few highlights:

--All three kids learned how to use a boogie board. Lucia, the eldest, was the most proficient, and she was beyond excited at her new skill. She said it was her favorite thing about the trip.

--We visited the Alligator Adventure animal park, which was surprisingly fun--tons and tons of huge alligators, plus lots of other somewhat terrifying creatures. We watched a reptile show, and all the kids touched a skink. And learned the word "skink." The admission price included a second visit for free, so we went back to watch an alligator feeding--a zookeeper tossing raw chicken off a footbridge to giant jumping alligators. Terrifying.

--Another day, we went to the Ripley's Aquarium, which was also fun. We watched a live mermaid show, which the girls loved, and they got to meet the mermaids afterward. A tunnel with sharks, sawfish, and other creatures on three sides of a moving walkway was particularly impressive.

--We all had fun getting ice cream at Barefoot Landing a couple of times, especially one night when we had time to browse around the shops and walkways. Mom bought the kids a Beanie Boo and they were so happy they all broke into wild, hilarious dancing to the lively music playing in the store.

--Jellyfish were a problem. Lucia got stung twice, and Molly and I got stung once. Fortunately, Lucia was not deterred from further ocean swimming.

--Candy stores were everywhere. We went into one and let the kids all pick out some candy. This was thrilling to them. L&G leaned heavily toward gummies of all kinds.

The kids all had a blast and played together all week. A fun vacation for sure!

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