Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Days 8/15, 8/16, and 8/17

The past few days, L&G have really just been happy to be home. All they've wanted to do is play with their stuff--all their stuff. All together, all at once, creating by the end of day a huge, house-size soup of stuff. Shopkins, ponies, animal figurines, play food, Equestria Girls, Playmobil food, Legos, kinetic sand, Beanie Boos. It's been blazing hot, but they haven't even asked to go to the pool. They just want to stay inside and play.

We did go to the library twice so far, getting stacks of books. Today we read together nearly all day. We've found a new series called Never Girls, which is really cute and has totally captivated them. (Hence our two-days-in-a-row library visits. We read #1 straight through and had to go back for more in the series.) I'll miss our regular library trips once school begins.

With school just a few weeks away, I've set up a reading challenge for Lucia--if she reads out loud every day (about 20 mins), she gets a sticker on a chart, and after seven stickers, she can pick out a blind bag pony or a blind bag Shopkin. Of course she's all-in. She's doing well with the reading--just needs more confidence and practice sounding out unfamiliar words. I think daily practice will really help.

Today, at the very end of the day, they set up an elaborate camp outside--Camp Flaming Arrow once again. They set up chairs and a little table and ate their dessert in the camp.

This morning, before I'd had coffee, L&G requested tents for their ponies. So (again, before coffee) I made two pony-size tents out of a beer case, covered them with metallic fabric, and made two little campfires with tiny river stones hot-glued to cardboard circles, with red and orange tissue paper flames in the middle. Bring it on, summer.

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