Thursday, August 03, 2017

Summer: Thurs., 8/3

A full, nice day. As soon as L&G woke up this morning, they wanted to go into the basement playroom to continue coloring in their metallic coloring books. Usually they play for a long time in their rooms, but this morning they had a single focus. We added metallic gel pens to the markers that came with the coloring books, which work splendidly.

With our beach week coming up, I spent some time getting things organized and packed. We read together, worked on our yarn wall hangings, and played a game. L&G swung for a long time outside. After lunch, they did their summer work (math, handwriting) and then we went to the pool. It was a good swimming day. Unfortunately, at 5:00 p.m., there were dark clouds and thunder, and everyone had to leave the pool. We were nearly ready to go anyway. At home, I "cooked" dinner (more random leftovers from the freezer--I was loathe to grocery shop since we are only here for three days) and the girls watched an Elena. A nice day all in all.

At one point today, they were involved in an elaborate game with mardi gras bead necklaces and plastic bracelets and rings--things they haven't played with in some time. Impressed with their endless capacity to find new ways of playing with old things, I said to them, "You know something I love about you girls?" Before I could go further, Lucia said, "We're creative?" And Greta added, "We're smart?" Clearly they don't lack for parental praise.

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