Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Last week, I was reading something, somewhere, on one of the many sites I scan obsessively every day, about new words we might take away from this election, much like “Bushism” is one of many we’ll take away from the Bush years. The suggestion was exPalination—a rambling, nonsensical explanation that goes on and on and has absolutely no content.

I propose these as well:

The inability to stop watching Palin interviews and reading Palin-focused news, despite the fact that doing so is painful.

The powerful desire to style one's hair in a Sarah Palin up-do, don an asymmetrically-buttoning suit jacket and rimless eyeglasses, and make endless homemade video-parodies of Sarah Palin.

Seriously. I feel the pull. The words and convoluted sentences are literally forming on my tongue.

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Anonymous said...

wanna see or hear more palinisms