Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday Twitters

Just ate two chocolate chip cookies

If you rule out the “media elite,” big-city folks, and the “Georgetown cocktail party circuit” as unfit to have opinions about Sarah Palin, where does that leave us?

Andrew car-pooled today

Andrew had to get several fillings replaced yesterday

Sometimes we speculate that the dentist replaces our fillings just for something to do

I need to buy rice

This morning the New York Times and the Financial Times were secured with two rubber bands instead of one

Last night we looked at pictures of a bunch of Tokyo hotels online

Trying to find the subway stops for the Tokyo hotels on the Tokyo subway map is like searching for a needle in a haystack

It was in the high-90s today

I miss fall

Having something to plan—a wedding, a trip to Japan—helps me not to think about missing fall

CBS is supposed to be showing more Palin footage tonight

Last night when I left the gym Andrew was unexpectedly there to pick me up

What a nice husband

Just took a sip of water

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