Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weirdest Dream Ever?...

Listening to other people recount their dreams is about as interesting as sitting in traffic. However, I will recount another, from last night, because it is just too weird to ignore:

I dreamed that Sarah Palin had disinterred the body of M.F.K. Fisher because she wanted to "see her face." I was with a large 'rally,' watching this event. I saw the corpse, its flesh black and rotted, strips of cloth hanging from it in Halloween-y fashion, being pulled by Palin from the grave.

In the same dream, I was gathered on the seashore with a large group of people, watching Obama in the water, wrestling with a giant red crab. He held up part of the crab's claw triumphantly. He hadn't hurt the crab, but had achieved his goal. Though he was in the water, he was wearing beautiful suit pants and a white button-down shirt.

I cannot even begin to interpret the Palin dream. I'm actually a little freaked out by the extremely strange, dark twistings of my own subconscious. M.F.K. Fisher, a food writer, lived in Glen Ellen, one of our favorite places here in California; but why she made an appearance in my dream, and what interest Sarah Palin could possibly have in her is beyond me.

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