Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Twitters

Thursday twitters, Thursday jitters

So much could go right…or wrong...with this debate

1.5 hours to go

I watched two squirrels leap from the roof of our house into the tree by the terrace

I just chopped up olives, red onions, and fresh thyme in preparation for tonight’s tomato tarte tatin

We were planning to go to the gym tonight, but I’m afraid we forgot that The Office is on

Finally, I found the puff pastry in the freezer section—it was there all along

It’s cooler today, in the high 70s

We’re going to San Francisco tomorrow, where it’s rainy and cool—bliss

Andrew has selected three stocks for us to invest in

Last night I went through a whole pile of magazines and tore out the articles I wanted, then put the magazines in recycling

Whenever we have old magazines from which I haven’t torn out articles, we leave them at the gym

There’s a stack about a foot high right now—we get a lot of magazines

When we read reviews of hotels we know we’ll probably be fine if the reviewer can complain only about the room service

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