Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lucia's Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was Lucia's last day of kindergarten. The year flew, and it seems like just last week we were sending Lucia off on the school bus for the very first time, Andrew crying openly in front of the neighbors. Then racing to the school to meet her in the crowd of kids lining up behind the school--and not finding her. She found me, smiling in amusement.

She had a great year. She made the adjustment from small nurturing private preschool to big chaotic public school in a snap--I can't believe how much is required of these littlest ones, and how they rise to it. She loved being on the bus, made bus friends, made lots of other friends, learned to read and spell (well, sort of...she forgets to add vowels) and write in capital and lowercase letters. She learned about ants. (That was big.) An interest in space and planets was sparked. She learned funny songs. She found the boys in her class hilarious. She bought pizza for lunch on Fridays and carried a stuffed animal in her back pack every single day. Her confidence and outgoingness surprise me all the time.

I cried on my last day of kindergarten, saying goodbye to Sr. Bridget, and when Lucia got home today she sobbed in my lap on the couch. She's a sensitive little girl, and though she's so excited about becoming a first grader, she was sad to say goodbye to her teachers, her kindergarten classroom, and her friends. Now: onward!

Lucia's first day of kindergarten
Last day of kindergarten!

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