Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Day 6/30

This morning we did our annual summer activity of painting rocks on the front porch. Lucia wandered on to other things after half an hour, but Greta was all-in for an hour beyond that. We painted rainbow rocks, fairy door rocks, and animal faces. Super fun.

We read a lot today of an Ivy and Bean book, which both girls are enjoying. They also played periodically with the glitter slime we bought at Michaels. Well worth the $2.

Quiet time today was a complete fiasco, with the girls running feral through the upstairs. Insanity. Their ability to just SIT AND BE QUIET was seriously lacking today.

We went to the pool this afternoon. I brought a few water stones for them to dive for, which they loved.

I put together a makeshift dinner of frozen macaroni and cheese leftovers and hot dogs (for the second day in a row), and then--blessedly--a babysitter came to handle the final hour of the day, including bedtime. What a nice break. Even nicer because I'd hired the babysitter so I could go to my favorite church rummage sale. It's calming to me to search through rummage. I didn't buy too much tonight--a few books, a brass grasshopper, an Anthropologie vase, an embroidered portrait of a girl playing a piano, two games for the girls.

Tomorrow, Andrew returns from California in the morning, and we'll drive up to NH. Made it through a week of summer on my own. Now a week of family fun to break things up.

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