Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Day 6/25

We had a morning at home. Greta slept till 8am. Lucia discovered the note from the Tooth Fairy and was excited; since she was the first awake, she decided to draw a picture to leave for the Tooth Fairy on her next visit. It shows our house, with Lucia asleep in bed and the Tooth Fairy outside. She wrote, "Dear Tooth Fairy, How do you switch the teeth? Love, Lucia." Love, love, love her new forays into writing. She's still doing a little journal every day, too. Just a sentence and a picture--but she'll treasure them forever.

Andrew made pancakes and then we played Candy Land. Then the girls just played outside happily, no squabbling. They rode various things around the driveway and collected elaborate "lunches" on their pool kickboards made of flowers, leaves, and other nature finds. This was all-consuming for a long time. I spray-painted some large frames that will become their artwork display areas in their rooms, and Andrew cleared a messy section of yard so he could put in some new plants.

After lunch, we went to the pool and stayed for a long time. They girls had a blast. Unlike me, who usually sits poolside and shies away from the chilly water, Andrew got in and gave the girls dolphin rides around the big pool. Lucia ran into a friend from kindergarten, and they played in the middle pool for a while. L&G each got an ice cream treat. Then they played in the little pool for so long, and so immersively, that I finally was able to do the unthinkable: get out my book and read while my kids played in the water. It may never happen again...but oh, was it glorious.

Andrew grilled some burgers and hot dogs when we got home. L&G ate ravenously and then swung for a while, singing Equestria Girls songs at a high volume. Now they are in bed, Andrew's at Home Depot, and I'm off to pour (another) glass of wine.

I was dreading the week ahead, because Andrew'll be in CA, but Molly and Luca have decided to pay a visit, so the week is something to look forward to happily instead.

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