Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer 2016

Summer! No more school. No more time to myself. None! For two months! Isn't it exciting? Because I can't bear the idea of sending them off to camp*, we're facing the entire summer of just. being. together. So...onward! Time to plan fun days and activities and drink a lot of chilled wine iced coffee. In the interest in having my children thank me profusely and humbly someday for their free, glorious childhood summers, I'll do my best to record what we do in the weeks ahead.

Today, for example, L&G filled up a bunch of cups and bowls with water and combed their Beanie Boos' hair with knives and forks. This "grooming" activity was oddly exciting. "I can't believe you're letting us do this!!!" said Lucia at one point. As though our entire existence isn't always some combination of filling things with water and combing toys' hair and making a huge mess of the kitchen.

Then we went to gymnastics. Both girls have classes this summer, back to back, which I think will be a nice break for all of us--a little iPad time for them while they wait for the other to finish, a little reading time for me.

*To be fair, Lucia would probably enjoy camp, though today she was so excited to be home that she couldn't decide what to do first and wound up bringing all her coloring pages and markers out to the driveway, where she alternated between coloring and scooter-riding. Greta would prefer to stay home. I, as a child, would have loathed camp. And so we don't do camp, aside from Greta's fun preschool camp last week while Lucia was still in school.

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