Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Day 6/27

Lucia was super-excited to see what the Tooth Fairy left her this morning. A gold coin and a little note as usual--and she took the drawing Lucia had made, the one where Lucia wrote, "How do you get in to switch my tooth?" In the note, the Tooth Fairy credited fairy magic, and suggested Lucia look on her windowsill to see if she'd left any magical fairy dust behind. She had, in the form of a dusting of iridescent glitter. Lucia's gasp of pure joy and excitement means that little idea was a WIN. Too, too cute.

We spent the morning playing "pirates" with Lucia, Greta, and Luca. Aunt Molly is all-in with the imaginative play, and the kids have high expectations of her--and she doesn't disappoint. They made treasure maps, she was put in jail in the playhouse, she rigged a treasure pulley with a bucket and jumprope, there were chases around the driveway. The kids were in heaven.

We took them to the pool at noon, which was a great time to go because hardly anyone was there at that time. We went in all three pools. Molly and I each took a turn going down the waterslides. I don't think the kids knew what to think as they watched us. Fun for all.

Then Molly and Luca had a couple of hours to themselves while I took the girls to their gymnastics class. They're both enjoying it but Lucia, in particular, loves loves loves it.

I picked up pizzas on the way home. And now they're all in bed.

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