Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Day 6/24

The day started early, at 6:30, with Greta appearing in our room in a rage that her toe hurt. Perfect.

I'd promised them the zoo today, so we read some books in the morning then got to the zoo at opening time at 10. First up: the zoo train, always a favorite. Then we saw some other animals and made our way to the carousel, also a favorite. They both touched the stingrays in the touch tank. Lots of fun. We'll make this a weekly excursion.

Next, a stop at Trader Joe's. I haven't been grocery shopping with both girls for months, and I'd forgotten how crazy it is trying to keep track of everyone and also get what I'm supposed to get.

Lunch and quiet time. Greta wanted to work in her workbook again, rebuffing Lucia's repeated attempts to play together. Lucia resigned herself to making some elaborate lego structures while Greta practiced recognizing and drawing shapes.

We read books on the porch afterwards while the girls ate some cookies. Then we went once again to the pool. Again, a good time all around. They spent a lot of time in the water deciding what their names would be--I heard Sara and Elizabeth at one point. They had an elaborate game of swimming from the ramp in the big pool to the wall while holding hands, occasionally dramatically throwing their goggles and begging the other to rescue them. I got them to leave reluctantly after an hour and a half.

Then I cooked dinner while L&G watched a couple of episodes of Strawberry Shortcake. Dinner was not appreciated--a NYT recipe of pasta with zucchini, pesto, and ricotta. Lucia dutifully ate hers while Greta ranted about how awful it was and demanded I make a different dinner next time. She was so tired she could barely keep her head up at the table. Being out in the sun so much is an adjustment for all of us.

Big news of the day: Lucia's grotesquely loose bottom tooth finally fell out! It came out this morning while she ate a mini bagel. Her two front top teeth are going to be the next to go.

And now....the weekend!!!! Whoo hoo. Made it through week one. One out not to count, I think. Taking this summer day by day.

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