Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer: Fri., 7/21 - Mon., 7/24

Fri., 7/21

The kids had a fun day on Friday, after the debacle of Thursday afternoon. It was another scorcher, but Lucia, Greta, and I went on a really long bike ride on the trail--about three miles!--despite the heat. L&G were definitely wiped out but they didn't complain at all--Greta rode up ahead, and Lucia rode behind us, taking her time. She told me she likes riding last because she notices more things. She spotted a concrete tower (I have no idea what it actually is) and was fascinated by it, suggesting it was a snake temple.

After our ride we joined Luca, Mom, and Dad at the pirate playground in Yough River Park. The slides were too hot to go on, but the kids walked along the (extremely muddy) sand for a while and explored. They played in the pool the rest of the afternoon, having a blast.

At dinnertime, we set them up to watch Descendants (the girls' current favorite movie), and I drove into Pittsburgh to have dinner with some high-school friends. It was a lot of fun. A giant shark bowl of liquor with extremely long straws was involved. Andrew was getting in at 6:30am the next morning, so I spent the night at Beth's, and he Uber'ed over when he arrived. We had breakfast with Beth and Nate and then drove home.

Sat., 7/22

It was a pretty rainy day on Saturday, but we occupied the day somehow. Splashlings, running around the house, Little People playground equipment with Splashlings, books. In the afternoon we went to the Soisson House (the moneypit on Pittsburgh Street) to show Molly the progress. Even the kids went. There are gaping windows and many holes in the floor, so the tour was a bit precarious, but they all liked going into the tunnel. It was raining again, and the kids all splashed in the rivers of rain water by the curbs on the way home (and after).

Sun., 7/23

Our last day in PA. Andrew, Lucia, Greta, and I took a bike ride, and L&G made me out to be a liar by complaining a lot of the time (where were the strong bike-riding adventurers from Friday??). We tried to join everyone else at the playground after, but it started pouring, so we had to cut the park time short. At home, I gathered a few bags of stuff from the attic to donate (an ongoing project), and we packed ourselves up. The drive back to NJ was a nightmare--downpours almost the whole time, traffic at a crawl. We even had to pull over at one point because I couldn't see the road. Sigh. L&G played with Splashlings, played with their boxes of treasures Pop-Pop gave them (small pieces of silver paper, rainbow straws), watched Descendants and some My Little Ponies, and listened to music.

Mon., 7/24

Lots to catch up on after being away so long! I gave the girls a bath in the morning because we got home too late last night. Our dryer is broken, so I couldn't do laundry, but I unpacked and took the girls grocery shopping. L&G were deep into playing in their rooms before dragged them to the store, with a sundry mix of toys--Calico Critters and their house, My Little Ponies, Splashlings. All their tiny favorites. We began a new book, The Meanest Doll in the World. Lucia's little best friend came over in the afternoon for a playdate. Lucia was out of town for her birthday party, so she gave her a gift (Splashlings) and they and Greta played for three hours.

Later, L&G watched Descendants 2, which was just released a couple of days ago. Monday down.

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