Saturday, July 08, 2017

Summer: Sat., 7/8

Our last full day in NH. Sob. It rained off and on today, so we spent most of the day inside. We finished A Little Princess, which I've been reading to the girls for the past couple of weeks. It was a bit over their heads, but there were enough vivid scenes to keep their interest. I'd never read it before and I was fully into it too.

When it cleared, we got in some pond time--L&G were excited to play "My Darling, My Dear," their favorite new game. They spent most of the time leisurely paddling around in their boats, looking for pond slime. There's a baggie filled with water and pond slime on the kitchen table right now.

Faced with the reality of having picked far too many strawberries at the beginning of our stay, I decided to make some strawberry jam. At the hardware store in town, I invested in a canner, finally--which significantly improved the process. L&G helped me cut off all the stems, and I mashed the berries. I made 11 jars. It looks delicious. We still have some excess berries, but we can freeze them--just a couple of baggies' worth. Not bad.

Tonight Andrew made a cherry cobbler with some cherries we hadn't eaten, and we went out to dinner at the Weathervane, a seafood restaurant in a nearby town. Andrew had a lobster roll, I had fried clams, and L&G had fried shrimp.

L&G are not happy that we're leaving, and neither am I. I wish we could stay. We'll be back in August, and more times in the fall, but this is such a lovely long week. Not goodbye, but the next few visits won't be quite like this. Fortunately, the next trip we have coming up is our week in Connellsville--I hope my parents are as excited for our arrival as we are!

We'll have time for some fun things in NH tomorrow to finish off our stay.

Happy girls with pond slime

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