Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer: Sun., 7/9 - Wed., 7/12

Fell off the wagon with my blogging the past few days. Here's a catch-up:

Sun., 7/9

Our last day in NH. It's always a trial to get out of the house after being there for so long--lots of repacking and cleaning and closing up. But we did get in some pond time. L&G played "My Darling, My Love" for an hour and a half. I read in a chair. The pond was definitely the highlight of our trip this summer.

We had an early dinner at Pizza Chef and then got on the road. The girls watched The Descendents, their current favorite movie. They resisted going to sleep in the car. But eventually they did.

Mon., 7/10

Andrew left early for a business trip to CA, and I got back to my routine of getting up before the kids for some writing time. Today was the first day of their art camp--the only organized activity I chose for them this summer. Five days, 9:30 to 12:30, African art activities out of a local woman's backyard studio. They seemed to have fun. After lunch at home, we went to the library to catch up on redeeming their reading hours for prizes, and then went to the pool for a while. We ate dinner at the pool. Definitely calling it in this week with dinners. I'm on my own and it's just too hot to cook.

Tues., 7/11

Another day of early rising for me (which is amazing when they sleep till 8--I get two solid hours of work time), and then camp. Everyone, including me, was irritable today. The weather was humid and threatening storms, so we didn't go to the pool. We read books for two hours on the porch. The girls bickered. Not our best day of summer fun. I made turkey meatloaf in the slow cooker, and corn casserole, and of course the meatloaf they devoured last time wouldn't be touched with the tines of a fork this time. Cooking for my children is so fulfilling.

That said, we did rally after dinner, and I took them to the rummage sale down the road. It's the last time I'll be able to go (we're out of town for the remaining dates), and I'd promised to take them, and it was fine. We got some books, I got a miniature frame, and they chose a few extremely tiny toys. Everyone was happy with their purchases. I spent $7 total.

Wed., 7/12

A much better day today. Early work time (two hours!), kids went to camp, and we hung out at home a bit. I read to them on the porch. Then we made a concerted effort to find somewhere to buy Splashlings to take to the pool with us this afternoon. These are a new find--tiny, of course, a little set of a mermaid and some sea friends. I found them in stock at a nearby Toys R Us, so we had a little field trip. L&G were so excited. We went directly to the pool, where they played with their new things for an hour while I read in a chair. Money very well spent. Then we all swam together in the big pool, then they played again in the small pool with their toys (more reading time!), and then we had dinner there. A good day all around.

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