Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer: Thurs., 7/27 - Sat., 7/29

Thurs., 7/27

Some days are just doomed from the get-go. The weather was gloomy, the air heavy and threatening, and the girls woke up on the wrong side of the bed and stayed like that all day. They couldn't occupy themselves. None of my million suggestions were acceptable. They didn't want to do a craft, read, swing, play outside, play a game. I took them on a quick errand to the mall to return a Land's End purchase, and that was about as productive as the day got. My girls--who are never bored--complained for hours about being bored. It was maddening.

Fortunately, relief came at 3:30, when a babysitter arrived and I escaped to the city, to meet up with Andrew, Mom, Dad, and the Kovalls to have dinner and see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Delacorte--Shakespeare in the Park. Mom and Dad had gotten tickets for us. We had a lovely dinner at Kefi on the UWS, then walked to the theater. Our seats were excellent, as was the entire performance. It was mesmerizing and hilarious--had all of us laughing. What an amazing show. And amazing to get to see Shakespeare in the Park for the first time in too many years. A super fun night.

(And L&G had a fun time with the sitter, their boredom eased with hide and seek, hair-braiding, and a viewing of Descendants 2.)

Fri., 7/28

The morning flew by in a whirlwind of packing and preparing for our trip to NH. L&G were back in their usual good spirits, playing with anything and everything, swinging and running around outside. I took them to Toys R Us to get some new Splashlings--a reward for a week of math, handwriting, and reading work--and then we loaded up the car and left.

The drive took forever. These drives seem to get longer and longer. But L&G played with their Splashlings, listened to both Descendants soundtracks, ate fried clams for dinner from a little roadside fish stand, then watched Descendants 2 and part of Descendants 1 before finally (after six hours in the car) dissolving into whines and exhaustion. We were all thankful when we finally arrived.

Sat., 7/29

Today was a perfect NH day. A good night's sleep erased the long drive entirely. L&G slept in to a decent hour of 8am, then played with their Splashlings and other toys until they got hungry and asked for breakfast. I made them croissants, and then they set up an elaborate system of bowls filled with hot and cold water for their Splashlings (these little toys have paid for themselves a hundredfold). It was pretty chilly this morning, so the inside time was welcome. Meanwhile, Andrew worked outside, tirmming some overgrown bushes away from the windows, and I read.

We ate lunch, then headed to the pond. A neighbor (from down the road) and her granddaughter joined us for a while, and then we stayed in the pond long after they left. Probably three hours all told, and we had to finally drag them out to get some groceries. They just love the pond. As do I. Lots of tiny frogs this time--the tadpoles have grown.

Andrew made us a delicious fried dinner tonight--zucchini, eggplant, onion rings, and chicken tenders. Both L&G devoured the zucchini. While Andrew cooked, L&G played outside, fully immersed in activities involving grasses, clover blossoms, fallen unripe apples, rafts, and a plastic wheelbarrow. Both girls reveal their unabashed happiness when they begin referring to each other as "Sis," which they did for most of today.

An exciting moment of the day: Greta, walking back from the pond, looked down and found a four-leaf clover all on her own. She was so excited. It's pressed in the pages of a book right now.

It's actually cold outside right now. Our Fourth of July trip here is really the only one that feels fully summer--these later-in-summer trips definitely have the feel of fall on the horizon. Tomorrow will be warm, though. On the schedule: pond and creek.

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