Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Summer: Tues., 7/4

Fourth of July at last! L&G were so excited about the holiday. Monday morning, as they played together in their room, they were singing patriotic songs ("This Land Is Your Land," etc) as they made Rainbow Loom bracelets. Finally, Tuesday, we were able to go into Plainfield, NH, for the Fourth of July festivities. This year brought a new event: a recitation of the Declaration of Independence by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who said he and his family spend many summers in Plainfield. Secret Service guys were staring out at the crowd as we watched Justice Breyer, and there was a drone overhead, ostensibly for security-related purposes. All very interesting and festive.

Next was the parade, a highlight for L&G. They are so thrilled at having candy thrown at them. Greta is particularly fond of getting a small bottle of chocolate milk from a local dairy. They had their picture taken with Smoky the Bear. After the parade, we had lunch at the tent and heard a local band (guitar, banjo) playing as we ate. I always feel so fortunate to celebrate the Fourth this way. Many people aspire to small-town America, but this is the real deal. The realest of real deal.

It was a hot Fourth, so we went swimming in the afternoon at William and Nellie's pool. Even though any pool we ourselves could install in our own yard wouldn't have anything like a view of Mount Uscutney, swimming there always gets us daydreaming.

We BBQ'd some hot dogs and burgers back at our house, then lit the fire pit so the girls could make s'mores and play with some sparklers. (All of these parts of our day had been very highly anticipated.)

Then we set out for Claremont, where we planned to see fireworks. We went to a large central park in town and set up our blanket along with the locals. I gave the girls a ton of glowsticks, and they played with those while Andrew and I people-watched. Claremont is a big city by New Hampshire standards, but with a population of 13,000, it had a familiar Connellsville-like vibe. The fireworks were very nice. L&G alternately watched the fireworks and played with their glowsticks. They played with those glowsticks for about three hours that night. $2 well spent.

It was a late, late night for everyone, but a fun Fourth all around. I love our little NH tradition.

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