Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer: Tues., 7/25 - Wed., 7/26

Tues., 7/25

This was only two days ago, but I have no clear memory of what we did all morning. I think the Elena scepters and dresses were involved, the girls running around outside. We read some of The Meanest Doll in the World. In the afternoon, we went to the library to redeem their reading hours for prizes, and pick out some books. One of the prizes they got was a small emoji backpack clip, a smiley face with its tongue sticking out, which Greta proceeded to torment Lucia with, trying to make the emoji lick her neck. Lucia protested, to which Greta replied, "But I wasn't licking you with my REAL tongue!"

I made tacos for dinner and the kids watched an Elena.

Wed., 7/26

We were trapped at the house this morning while the cleaners were here because I had to wait for the dryer repair guy, so it was the perfect day for a porch activity: rock painting. We all enjoy this but end up doing it only once every summer. We'd collected a lot of nice rocks last time we were in NH, so we got them out and painted them all.

The dryer guy came and fixed the dryer with a piece of tape, saying we were good to go, to which I said (nicely, but firmly) if that was how he was going to fix it I could have gotten a dryer at Goodwill, and he laughed and said "Just kidding." Sooo hilarious. It was just a temporary fix so we can use it until the real fix. He has to come back again with a new part. Sigh. The dryer is two months old.

It warmed up in the afternoon so we went to the pool with the Splashlings. They played so happily with them until a toddler plopped down beside them, much too interested, grabbing at the tiny creatures and dumping them in the water. The looks on their faces--horrified but knowing he's just a baby so they have to be polite. The mother approached to assure the girls he wouldn't make off with any, but she didn't pull him away. The girls handled it very well, showing the mother the various mermaids and not freaking out as the toddler handled their treasures, but that was pretty much the end of their playing. They swam in another pool for a while with their Splashlings safe in my pool bag.

They watched two Elenas after dinner. I've also started daily schoolwork for each of them--math workbook pages and reading out loud 15 minutes for Lucia, upper- and lowercase letter writing for Greta. Splashlings are their incentive.

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