Sunday, July 02, 2017

Summer: Sat., 7/1 and Sun., 7/2

Sat., 7/1

Torrential, all-day rain on Saturday. We stayed inside all day and made a trip to Walmart for various essentials, including candles in case we lost power. (We didn't.) L&G occupied themselves in various ways, playing with random things around the house. We fried chicken, zucchini, and eggplant for dinner. It rained some more. Thunder and all the rest.

Sun., 7/2

Today was beautiful, sunny and warm, the opposite of yesterday. We started the day with strawberry picking. After lunch at home, we went down to the pond and managed to execute on a plan we'd had last time we were here: stretching a rope the whole way across the pond (long-ways) so we could pull ourselves across in various floats. I was inspired last year but a fun ride at Idlewild, where kids pull themselves across a pool by going hand-over-hand on ropes strung across. And it worked out well! We got life jackets for the kids since the middle of the pond is so deep and we wanted them to be able to do it themselves. Fun for us all.

Late in the afternoon, we went up to William and Nellie's house to swim in the pool. L&G had a blast.

We had a late-ish dinner at home and then brought out the fire pit to make s'mores with L&G, which we'd been promising to do. When it got dark outside, we went back to William and Nellie's for their annual fireworks display, always spectacular. The girls love fireworks so much--they sat with their arms around each other to watch. So cute. But a very very late night. Hopefully we won't pay the price tomorrow.

Though we have yet to see any (knock wood), ticks are a constant, menacing presence here. When we were discussing names we might give to the house, Greta suggested "Tick House." In the backseat today on the way home from strawberry picking, L&G were playing a game where they pretended to put ticks on each other and their toys then plucked them out. Country life.

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